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Wall Mounted Plate Rack

Our wall mounted Plate Rack is dandy for displaying your coffee cups or mauls, it's also a top-grade place to store your mugs and other food-related items. This specific model also grants a saucer holder for attaching to an 4-7 food-compatible dishes, best of all, it's uncomplicated to set up and use - just insert your plates or cups, set the Rack to "ready" (or any other setting), and you're ready to go.

Wall Mount Plate Storage

This is an 3 tier wall mountable decorative black metal vertical Plate display holder Rack that can be stored on a wall or off of it, the Rack renders two compartments for adding or taking items, and can hold up to 3 black metal vertical plates. The Rack also includes a wall- or off-the-shelf mountable power cord and wall- or off-the-shelf adapter for wall or off-the-shelf devices, this is a vintage scrollwork black metal wall-mounting Rack designed to store and control your designs horizontally. The design means that this Rack can easily house up to four designs at once, the black metal provides a stylish look that will make your home design come off as nicer and more expensive. This Rack is additionally straightforward to clean as it is produced to be with a built-in cleaning brush, this wall mounted Plate Rack is first-rate for displaying you progress in a professional manner. The Rack is produced of black wrought iron and is hinged at one end to allow effortless presentation, or or the Plate Rack imparts four hanger concepts so you can easily find what you're searching for, the Rack is furthermore facile to clean as it is subject to occasional use and is well made. It is manufactured from heavy-duty metal for stability and storage, and can be mounted on a wall or counter, it provides a spice Rack and bowl holder to keep your kitchen hunting organized and cluttered. The Rack also grants a built-in countertop grater, so you can easily mix and mix your dish ingredients.