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Wall Mounted Cigarette Receptacle

Looking for a stylish and functional outdoor Cigarette receptacle? Go through our wall-mounted Receptacle effortless to set up and keeps you protected from damage, with enticing colors and modern features, this Receptacle is top-grade for any outdoorsy needs. Plus, its stylish design is sure to make a difference in your home décor.

Wall Mounted Cigarette Receptacle Walmart

This wall mounted Cigarette Receptacle is excellent for contained cigarettes, hand cigarettes, or standard an outdoor setting, the Receptacle is manufactured of stainless steel and, making it durable, it can been used for many years without needing to be frequently cleaned. Additionally, the soft-dome design ensures that your cigarettes will stay in place even when you are carrying them, it is an aluminum black finish that will make a beneficial addition to your office space. It imparts a sleek look to it that will make you stand out, this Cigarette Receptacle is likewise versatile, being used for not only smoking but also for holding cigarettes and other smoking accessories. This wall mounted Cigarette Receptacle is a valuable substitute for an individual who wants a sleek and stylish Cigarette receptacle, this alpine wall-mounted Cigarette Receptacle is prime for Cigarette disposal towers and other attributes that need a wall-mounted Cigarette receptacle. The Cigarette Receptacle extends been designed with a hardwood finish and options including a screw-in filter top and top, the Cigarette Receptacle can hold up to 3 cigarettes and can be used with e-cigarettes. It is manufactured from high quality materials and is uncomplicated to control with your hands.