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Ventless Wall Mount Gas Fireplace

The Ventless wall mount Gas Fireplace is unequaled for your home's Ventless atmosphere, the Gas Fireplace is basic to operate with its own control, and is ready to enjoy the Ventless firewood. The Gas Fireplace also includes a built-in stapler which makes it effortless to take apart and put together again.

Wall Mount Gas Fireplace Ventless

This is a top-grade wall mount Gas Fireplace Ventless window Fireplace for any indoor Fireplace that needs a little more air space than we have in our house, it is high gloss white paint with an 90213 v rating that means it is fire resistant. It extends a schedule 40 fire start button and is compatible with the yta-6 gas-fired heaters, the child-resistant 13-gauges makes it a top wall mount for small spaces. The soho Fireplace model is a peerless substitute for enthusiasts who admire the luxurious feel of a wall-mounted Gas fireplace, this model extends a top-notch design that will make you feel like a vip in your own home. Plus, the Ventless technology that lets you control the fire to your liking, this Ventless wall mount is a top substitute for a firebox or for use as a fireplace. It can be attached to a corner of a room or statewide, allowing you to enjoy your Gas Fireplace in multiple places, the natural Gas Fireplace effortless to operate and is practical for gifts, desktop Gas fires or use as a main course. Looking for a quiet fire place to relax in? Search no more than this wall-mounted Ventless fireplace, this Gas Fireplace is equipped with a linear Fireplace heater that provides access to 26, 000 btus. The thermostat allows for set-up to ensure the best fire place for all needs, features:-2- burns time: 26, 000 btus- second fire place: 1- pick-up signal: 15- delivery: 50 minutes- range: up to cca: 26, 000 btus- heat spread: 50%- heat hold: 5- fuel: fuel oil- heat iq: 90%- heat holding: 5- power: 5- heat-iq: 90%- power: 5- heat: 50%- heatiq: 15%- cold emissivity: 0- fire: 8 hours- uncomplicated set-up: 1 minutes- cordless: yes- cordless drill: no- cordless drill with cord: no- electrical: yes- electric: yes- starter: yes- heat dispenser: yes- fire code: 307-1- electrical outages: yes- fire code outages: yes- limited warranty: yes wanting for a Ventless Fireplace that can take on any fire place in your home? Look no more than this wall-mounted Ventless fireplace. 000 btus- heat spread: 50%- heat hold: 5- fuel: fuel oil- heat iq: 90%- heat holding: 5- fuel: fuel oil- heat holding: 5.