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Rockler Dust Collector Wall Mount

This Rockler Dust Collector offers an, this Rockler Dust Collector offers an 8 micron filter for maximum protection. It is fabricated of durable materials that will protect your Dust collector, this Rockler Dust Collector is an excellent addition to your collection.

Best Rockler Dust Collector Wall Mount

This is a replacement cloth Dust bag for the Rockler Dust collector, it is manufactured of 100% cotton and presents a built-in baguette filter. It can be used to capture small particles up to 30 micron size, the baguette filter ensures that you Collector always clean and in good condition. It is manufactured of 100% breathable fabric and features a black design, the bag is able to store up to 30 micron of dust. It can be attached to the wall or hung from the neck to dust, the Rockler Dust Collector wall mount is unequaled for collecting Dust from your office or home. This bag offers an 30 micron protection for your style bagpipe, it is again night or day stained to match your style. It is fabricated of 100% cold-pressed organic cotton and is an unrivaled accessory for your Dust collector.